Tiny Home HOMELESS Villages

Tiny Home HOMELESS Villages

1. Colorado – Beloved Community Village


Beloved Community Village
Beloved Community Village, Denver CO

Denver’s first tiny home village, a pilot project / proof of concept to study solutions to Homelessness and provide respectful options that include shelter and self-determination as a moral imperative. 11 pod homes have been built so far with a shared bath house and kitchen.

The Colorado Village Collaborative has a mission to solve homelessness with Dignity and is rapidly building housing, designed to facilitate community in legal places throughout the city that the City Council has allowed.


2. Portland, OR Dignity Village (DignityVillage.org)


Meet and Greet Shack at Dignity Village
Meet ‘n Greet Shack, Dignity Village

On a plot of land next to the International Airport in Portland is a cluster of small shelters known as Dignity Village with a 2nd community called Rancho Dignity Farm as a more rural homeless community outside of the city.

Dignity Lane
Dignity Lane after a rain


These are intended to be open-minded, inter-denominational, non-discriminatory, sustainable, self-governing communities open to any person seeking shelter in a stable, sanitary, respectful, and peaceful village where willingness to work in exchange for shelter is all that is required.

Under the Freeways of Portland
Under the Freeways of Portland

Dignity Village began as a homeless protest under Portland’s freeway overpasses and evolved into sustainable tiny home villages. City Council permission was given in 2004, as Portland led the nation in this effort to create tiny home shelters for the homeless.




3. Eugene, OR – Opportunity Village (squareonevillages.org)

Opportunity Village in Eugene OR
Opportunity Village in Eugene OR

In 2013 Opportunity Village began to build 30 tiny homes on 1 acre off Garfield Street, just south of Roosevelt Blvd., with a program participation fee of $35/mo to help maintain and manage this Tiny Home Intentional Community. It is one of several Tiny Home Communities being built in Lane County, including Emerald Village, Cottage Village, Peace Village and C Street Revillaging, all near Eugene.

Emerald Village
Emerald Village in Eugene OR

“Square One deploys an innovative, shared-equity homeownership model that restricts the sale of the land and preserves long term affordability of our housing for generations to come.”


4. Madison, WI – OM Village (occupymadisoninc.com)

Om Village is an aspiring Community with a plan.  Phase 1 is now underway – building tiny homes, bath houses and gardens for the Village. It began with the “Occupy Movement” in Madison, whose activists remodeled a shop into their store , added 3 more houses, and are now making signs to raise money for Phase 2, which will continue their building of a sustainable community, based on simple, wholesome, and responsible principles.

OM Village in Madison WI
OM Village in Madison WI

A common kitchen will be added, along with cute 100 sq.ft. pods for sleeping, privacy and a safe space for one’s things in a tiny home community, which received the progressive Dane David Austin Award for innovation at their 3rd Street evolving village. OM is harnessing volunteer power and member sweat equity to build more homes, stepping up in response to the urgent needs of people living outside during a pandemic by creating a 2nd tiny house village at the former site of Wiggie’s Bar on the northside of Madison.  It will be home to 28 very tiny houses as part of a temporary emergency housing program to keep people safe in the coming months. 



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