Riveredge in New Mexico

Riveredge in New Mexico

(riveredgetinyhomevillage.com) 505-239-2991

About 40 minutes south of Albuquerque just off 1-25 lies “the newest town in New Mexico” called Riveredge where a new Tiny Home Village is just getting under way.  The site is part of an old mobile home park between the highway and the river in those parts. It’s abit rough, but it’s affordable! Rent is $350 to $450, but I am not sure if that’s for lot rent for your own “Tiny”, or for renting a tiny home to live in (and some look pretty tiny), but both are options, so if you want more information about RENTALS call Morgan at 832-521-8126 to catch him on the go.

Riveredge Teeny Tiny Home

New Mexico has a haunting beauty in its landscapes, especially at dusk and it’s known to be the home of the Sandhill cranes that winter-over in the area, to bird-lover’s delight.

Riveredge Small Rental House

Indian ruins of many tribes can be found throughout western New Mexico, and by way of contrast, there’s an 18-hole golf course just up the road, and a wildlife conservation area nearby. Albuquerque is a city of half a million people and has whatever you need or want, usually at cheaper prices than in most locales.  Santa Fe, a fine art and healing town, is an hour further north and Chaco Canyon is west. 

Riveredge – the old RV Park

Morgan and crew (morgan@riveredgetinyhomevillage.com) are just getting started and are looking for good-natured, independent folks who want to check out the New Mexico version of a Tiny Home Village at an affordable price.  There are jobs in the area if you need income, you can rent an existing “Tiny” on a month-by-month basis, and maybe you can build there too… but check with Morgan on that!

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