Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon

Simply Home Community (SimplyHomeCommunity@gmail.com)

This community follows a co-housing model where 5 individuals share a yard with 4 tiny homes in it, sharing with a normal 1450sf house on a large private lot in a Portland neighborhood.

They share 2 hours of chores per week, Buy-in-Bulk, and hold regular meetings. “We have regular movie nights, and an invite is always out for fun activities. We play music at our house once a month. We love game nights!”

There is a charge for Tours (once COVID is over) because these are busy working people who already spend lots of time on Facebook, with emails, blogs, and tours, as well as chores. “Keep in mind that if you’re interested in starting a tiny house community or building a tiny house of your own, it will likely be the best purchase under $50 you’ll ever make!”

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