About Cabins

About Cabins

We have looked into Tiny Homes on Wheels and their Communities where the advantages of mobility have been discussed.

Now let’s look at advantages of permanence and stability in housing. There is a natural nesting instinct that most of us feel when we are around familiar places, being among familiar people, and knowing where to get needed amenities and supplies. There is also the desire for “community” and sharing with others that we each feel to varying degrees. Since we are more likely to trust (or know whom to distrust) those whom we have known for years and who are a part of our lives, we tend to feel generally more confident in familiar environments.

Friendships are built over time through shared experiences.

Friendships and connections are built over time, and although a traveling caravan can create community amid mobility by traveling together, most people develop deeper relationships when they have lived together or within a community for a long enough period of time to feel a sense of belonging. This gives grounding and makes it easier to develop lifestyles of wholeness through consistency of schedules of habits, chores and activities.

Multi-season Gardens enable us to feed ourselves.

Those who want to grow gardens, to develop beautiful spaces around their home, and feed themselves from the land will want a permanent to semi-permanent home so they can add improvements each season to create a well-cared-for property. If these qualities are important to you, a small home on a permanent foundation may be the way to go.

Housing on a Foundation will cost more, but will increase in value over time.

Then there is the question of appraisal value of your home. Mobile homes, Recreational Vehicles, and Tiny Homes will usually degrade over time and lose value each year. Most homes on foundations (IF on a good piece of land in a desirable area) will appreciate in value over time, especially as one adds structural and/or agricultural improvements to the property. Therefore, it’s a better long-term investment to build on a permanent foundation, but it will probably cost more in upfront costs to buy or build than something mobile, and it may require a mortgage with monthly payments. Your budget will largely determine what options you can afford.

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