Why a Tiny Home?

Why a Tiny Home?

Well, “Small IS Beautiful”, for one thing. Plus many persons find themselves considering downsizing for a variety of reasons.

expandable container home on amazon
Expandable container home on Amazon
  • COST is the primary reason for new home buyers to consider going “tiny” as housing prices skyrocket.


  • Empty-nesters may not want to heat and clean those extra rooms that are no longer being used, as the costs to maintain excessive space can be expensive.


  • Eco-minded adults realize that large spaces have a larger footprint on the land and are usually less sustainable than smaller ones, certainly in terms of utility costs, mortgage payments and environmental impact.
Passive Solar House
Passive Solar House
  • Less energy consumption is achieved, so that a small wind or solar system might provide all the energy you need off-grid. In a forest, a tiny wood stove might serve you better, as different locales require different solutions. Small needs simply require less consumption, less carbon loss.


Tiny House on the Road
Tiny House on the Road
  • A Tiny Home on wheels is like the shell of a turtle, providing relative security and familiarity, as well as carrying your important possessions with you wherever you can drive, giving you greater mobility.


  • You can be part of a popular movement, experimenting with potential solutions to the housing crisis and furthering ecological models of living.
  • Freedom is BIG! A small or NO mortgage is very appealing, especially when living on little. If your home is paid off, you can travel, let go of a job, or surrender to restless urges, without fear of losing your home.
DIY Tiny Home Construction
Tiny Home Construction
  • You may want to Build-It-Yourself, using your handyman or woman skills and artistic creativity, with all the personal satisfaction that generates.  Lumber is cheap but heavy, so a Tiny House built of wood will require a heavy duty truck to pull it.

If time or ability is lacking for construction, you can buy Tiny Home Plans, Kits, or just the Shell (frame only – an excellent choice when you want a lightweight Tiny Home with a pre-cast metal frame or tightly insulated SIPS as walls).

You can also buy a walk-in-ready home you can furnish with your own choice of appliances and devices, finishing the job with your own unique touches and ideas. OR buy a “TINY” with everything Pre-installed!


Steel prefab Accessory Dwelling
Steel prefab Accessory Dwelling
  • VersatilityA Tiny Home can provide an outdoor studio or office, or extra rental space, whether AirBnB, a local student, a single Mom, a couple, a lone retiree, or friends visiting for the Holidays). Having space for the kids during or after college, a Tiny Home allows more privacy and personal independence as well as a healthy separation.  If “on wheels”, your “Tiny” can take the family camping or adventure traveling when the spirit hits. Or it can facilitate a family member taking a new job in a different part of the country, housing-in-tow, when such an offer exacts a quick move.



Buying NEW will cost you $60,000 and upward. If you build it yourself, you may be able to pull off the basics for ~$20,000, depending on the fixtures and finishes, but be prepared for over-runs on these approximations. USED Tiny Homes will vary extensively by price and condition.

Here are some helpful online references:

  1. Thewaywardhome.com is about mobile living, whether in a tiny home, a van, a camper, or an RV.
  2. Ecohome.net is about how to build or renovate sustainably to save money and energy
  3. Tinyhomeconnection.com has fully finished Tiny Homes for sale ($60K to $75K) with various models and floorplans, as well as providing Primary dwelling units (PDU), Accessory dwellings units (ADU), and Carriage Houses, plus Modular Pods (built off-site and delivered) as a private Office, a She-Shed or Man-Cave, or a guest sleeping room in the backyard. (Location: Arvada, CO)
Eco Home
Eco Home
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